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Met Gala: Cardinal Dolan Makes a Fool Out of Himself

The New York Met Gala degenerated on May 7 into a Church sponsored mockery of the Church. For the event, the Vatican loaned over forty priceless objects from the Sistine Chapel sacristy and the Sistine choir performed.

The Met Gala is an annual fundraising event for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York City. This year, its theme was “Heavenly Bodies – Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”.

The attendees are expected to choose their fashion to match the theme of the exhibit.

During the Gala the pop singer Rihanna therefore dressed up as bishop with a miter and actress Jennifer Lopez wore a jewel-encrusted multi-coloured cross.

New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan spoke at the event and said that he was “honoured” to support it. Dolan told SiriusXM (May 8) that Rihanna was “very gracious.”

To his auxiliary bishops who were teasing him about Rihanna, Dolan replied, "Hey, you guys should not complain because she’s volunteered to do some confirmations.”

The gala reminded Dolan of a “masquerade, a halloween party” nevertheless he “didn’t detect anybody out to offend the Church.”

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Wow! He didn't "detect" anyone out to offend the Church?? I wonder what he considers really offensive??? I would hate to see it!!! Because these 'Hollywood elites' were 'gracious' and sweetly approachable, they were not out to 'offend' the Church? Satan has such tactics.
Met Gala by the Numbers: $30,000 Tickets, $3.5 Million Jewelry and More
The same sort of Catholics who gush about how this is 'outreach' recoil in horror at a Cappa Magna worn by a Prince of the Church in a High Mass.
Bishop Thomas Tobin: "I haven’t followed the story real closely, but from a distance it seems that the controversial Met Gala was a feeble (and failed) attempt to make the Church relevant."
O My people, come out from Babylon! /Isa 52:11/

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Lvov (Ukraine), 21 March 2013

To priests and believers of all Catholic dioceses

Some people predict that the existence of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate will nowadays become a model of decentralization of the Catholic Church. They speak about the formation of Catholic patriarchates similar to ones in the … More
Gesù è con noi
ANTI CARDINAL Dolan Sells Out Catholicism at Met Gala and mocked the priesthood instituted by Jesus Christ
The ANTI archbishop of New York was "honored" to support a fashion exhibit that mocked Catholic beauty and the sacred, sponsored by million-dollar diocesan donors…/dolan-sells-out…
While Alfie Evans was assassinated the Apostate Vatican entertained himself by planning this blasphemous exhibition…
@mccallansteve Can't happen soon enough.
Gesù è con noi
Timothy Dolan sold himself to the world. He is sinning by apostasy and simony:
"The exhibition was made possible by Christine and Stephen A. Schwarzman, and Versace, the website information said.
Blackstone Group CEO and billionaire Schwarzman gave a $5 million donation for the event, Page Six reports, saying as well that he’s also one of the New York archdiocese’s biggest financial supporters. … More
The chastisement can't be far off.
Cardinal Dolan makes a fool out of the Archdiocese of NY and the Church.
Can you imagine a fat old (hair short-cut) German Lady in this Cardinals' Dress?
This was going on there.
@Atanasio de Trento I was banned from making comments in James Martin FB page for criticizing all his praise for this garbage. Just check out his FB page celebrating this wickedness. He is a liar like his father.…/met-gala-heaven…

Action item: bombard Twitter demanding that it REMOVE the offensive and blasphemous photos of the Met Gala.…/suspended-from-…
UPDATE Toronto Catholic Witness : "My…/suspended-from-… for criticizing the MET GALA."
And of course who is behind this blasphemy? THE GAY LOBBY
This sacrilege likely delighted Jorge B.
The Vatican's Sistine Chapel Choir participated in the blasphemous Met Gala.…/heavenly-bodies…
Timothy Dolan, Gianfranco Ravasi, Georg Ganswein and Jorge Mario Bergoglio are responsible for this blasphemy who mocks the Virgin Mary and the Church founded by Christ and for the sacrilege of sacred objects belonging to the Sistine Chapel.… More
The fallen-away Vatican hierarchy with its dicasteries and apostate bishops does not lead the Catholic world to follow Christ but antichrist, not the way to heaven but the broad way to hell.
The Apostle Peter urged the believers on the day of Pentecost: Be saved from this perverse generation!” (Acts 2:40).

O My people, come out from Babylon! (Isa 52:11)
Holy Cannoli
New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan spoke at the event and said that he was “honoured” to support it. He provided Rihanna with the miter.
“She gave it back to me this morning”, Dolan told SiriusXM (May 8) calling Rihanna “very gracious.”

The Cardinal did not respond as to whether or not Rihanna also returned his push-up bra and pink stilettos.
Jim Dorchak
NO Cd Dolan made a fool out of faithful Catholics.......... we all knew he was a fool before the satanic worship service.
Yeah, Cardinal Dolan! The world loves you and now sings your praises for being hip, cool and down. Exactly what they are supposed to think, right?
Stupid idiots.