Benedict XVI Will Return On Monday

Benedict XVI will return to Rome on Monday, a speaker for Regensburg Diocese told the German Bishops' KNA.

On Sunday, Benedict XVI is visiting his ailing brother another two times.

The speaker expressed his amazement about the strength and energy with which Benedict XVI completed his program.


Why the rush? Why not spend more time with brother? He has no official duty anyway. He is rather frail to fly again after just 3 days, right?
Alex A
For what real purpose did BXVI go? And Why on earth is he returning???
Lisi Sterndorfer
Nice pics
Benedict XVI the Restrainer holding back the sin of man of Lawlessness. Long live the true pope Benedict XVI!
F M Shyanguya
Pope Francis is the False Prophet. The Antichrist and the False Prophet are contemporaneous. Also didn’t he cause the perpetual sacrifice to cease?
Hugh N. Cry
Returning to what?
He is pope. He belongs in Rome.
You're right when referring to Pope Francis. ;-) Pronouns, Jimmy. Pronouns. :D INB4 "bawww, yer obsessed wif me cuz I don't like gettin' corrected."
Alex A
@Jmy1975> Didn't he, [B.XVI] walk away from the job? Or am I missing something here???
@Alex A he didn't fully resign, assigns himself a title that doesn't exist, still acts like the pope. Bergolio is an antipope, Benedict is still pope. www.barnhardt.biz/the-bergoglian-antipapcy/