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Cardinal Receives Lap-Band

Heavily overweight Cardinal Gérald Cyprien Lacroix, 62, of Québec will receive weight loss surgery. This can be done in a variety of ways by reducing …
Silly reporting.
(1) Overeating is only a mortal sin when it's harming your health, would you rather he remain in mortal sin ? (2) Is taking diabetes medication a "worldly" solution too ? (3) Canada has universal health care and it doesn't cost faithful Catholics anything (4) See my response to # 1
"Overeating is only a mortal sin when it's harming your health," Jesus said differently, Fatty. "Woe to you that are filled: for you shall hunger." (Luke 6:25)
too much seating and eating
Thors Catholic Hammer
Obesity is caused by gluttony. One would expect even a half taught catholic child to understand that. This so called "cardinal" is resorting to expensive and dangerous surgery to cure his gluttony problem.
The college of catholic cardinals now clearly contain a large number of individuals who no longer believe in the power of confession to cure the temptations of the flesh.