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Anne Catherine Emmerich’s Prophecy on the Pope Leaving Rome

October 1, 1820 “The Church is in great danger. We must pray so that the Pope may not leave Rome; countless evils would result if he did.” “The …
Novella Nurney
Where is the " bold print" quote from? I have not seen that particular paragraph before. May I have the source please?
moreso, where is the source of the cartoon quote. i cannot find this anywhere.
F M Shyanguya
in the article there is a cartoon with a quote, dated august 28 1820, i cannot find any visions or records for that date for A.C.E. im not talking about October 1820. but thanks anyways.
P. O'B
Countless evils if the pope leaves Rome? We've had two generations of Conciliar-inspired countless evils. The enemies of the Church already have the upper hand.
It gets worse....
adeste fideles
Could it be the Dr. Mazza Thesis?
Could he be told in Germany that he is not welcome back?
I doubt she was referring to a Pope who is going on a vacation to visit his old and sickly brother.
We'll see....
He is coming home today.
Lisi Sterndorfer
Regensburg: The arms show the crossed keys of St.Peter, the patron saint of the city.