To think, there are countless cardinals just like him or worse ready to take his position.
Rand Miller
It's called Godwin's law.
Louis IX
He doesn't look well.
Wishful thinking is wishful. No Louis, GTV isn't getting an early Christmas present. :D
Chat Chartreux
"His homily was full of judgmental moralism and superficial political slogans."
Wilma Lopez
Francis on behalf of migrants and refugees, likening migrant holding centres to concentration camps of "the Nazis, those of Stalin"; adding "It is the war of the moment; I say this because it is my responsibility to help open your eyes"

"And excuse me if I said things as they are, but we cannot remain silent and look the other way, in this culture of indifference."
Ursula Sankt
If only he spoke out against the concentration camps in Xinjiang
There is no "Jew NWO" except in the minds of Jew-hating bigots like yourself, @Steve D Pope Francis is just resorting to a tired old trope known as Godwin's Law as @Rand Miller rightly notes. Go look it up.
Jeffrey Ade
Jews never did anything dammit!
No they were always the fault of Jew-hating bigots like you. The next 109 will be more of your kind doing what you've done before.
All "goyim" (non-Jews) are not Jew-hating bigots like you. So no, it wasn't "always the goyim's" fault, It's been the fault of trash like you as it always has.
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...far surpassed by your skill at channelling the damned soul of Josef Goebbels.
Sure thing, Josef. You should talk to a priest about getting that guy out of your head, Steve-O. ;-)
Wilma Lopez
Very inclusive - people showing their green passes before being let into Holy Cross Church
Jeffrey Ade
No cell phones allowed in church!
No covid sectarians allowed in the church!
Exsurge Domine et iudica causam tuam.
Francis tells migrants that "God dreams of a world of peace, in which all his children live as brothers and sisters." That's God's dream. "We're the ones that don't want it."
Jeffrey Ade
"God's dream." This post is great! So Francis is saying God is a sleep? No maybe he means God daydreams? And we're the ones who don't want world peace? Does any one wonder if Francis has ever heard of Our Lady of Fatima and her request for the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart? Or wonder if he's Catholic?