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Mental Health? Francis' Next Ship of Fools Is Ready to Sail

The Vatican’s alleged May Health Conference will gather 114 representatives of Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Money, New Age, and show business. Not …
George Obregon
I won't be on that cruise ship, Vaccine Passport of The Seas...
/geo ex machina
are they they apostles of pope Francis ?
P. O'B
Follow the ideas, the ventures, the beliefs of Francis, and go to Hell.
Fortunately, there's nothing in Canon Law requiring the laity to do so.
It’s obvious that the target audience for this conference are American Catholics. The reason? The only moderators are American high profile media personalities like Katie Couric, Robin Robinson, Meredith Veira, Amy Robach, and Sanjay Gupta.
De Profundis
Has any member of Church leadership publicly spoken out against the Vatican's upcoming "health" conference that features an array of globalists, leftists and pro-abortion advocates? Just wondering.
What planet does the Vatican live on..there is nothing Catholic about this. Perhaps has the date grows closer Cardinal Burke etc will hopefully speak up. What is needed is a missive petition protesting this event