Dead Letter: Not Even Francis Followers Follow Traditionis Custodes

Lille Archbishop Laurent Ulrich, 70, whom Francis appointed in April to Paris has conferred Roman Rite confirmations to 55 confirmands. The glorious …
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The new Archbishop of Paris. Mons. Laurent Ulrich, conferred the sacrament of Confirmation according to the traditional rite to a group of 55 on May 14, at Saint-Étienne in Lille, served parish by priests of the Institute of Christ the King
De Profundis
"While the world changes, the cross stands firm." St. Bruno of Cologne
Het Tweede Vaticaanse Concilie geloof begint het steeds meer te verkiezen tegen de Romeinse Geloof.
Paus Franciscus heeft niet de macht om de Gelovigen die het Universele Tridentijnse, Romeinse, katholieke geloof belijden, hun geloof af te pakken.
Het vervolgen van deze gelovigen, zoals paus Franciscus doet, is een misdaad tegen de mensheid.
One of the truths that grow truer as a man's experience accumulates is this very old one: that men need a religion primarily to prevent them from worshipping idols.