Quote: "The path forward is scary..." Forward, ever forward! Man, how I hate that phrase! It seems to pop up in every meeting I attend. Tradition cannot coexist with the modern idea of progress. Salvation history is a RETURN to the Father God that was lost by sin in Eden!
Hound of Heaven
Psalm 23PF "The Flawed is my shepherd"
Francis like: Everyone goes to Heaven so doesn't really matter what faith you are or even none at all.
Rand Miller
Yeah, why do we need doctrine? The Creed is so passe.
The comments in brackets are not necessarily what he meant, but Francis is wholly relaxed about contradicting himself. Peronist rhetoric which seems him called despised and undisciplined radicals 'leftists' is also a legacy of a time when there was a Fr Bergoglio SJ who was at least reasonably conservative.
De Profundis
Francis reminded with his words today of requiring face masks and backseens: "And how many times we ourselves, priests or bishops, follow so much bureaucracy to give a sacrament, to welcome people, so that people say: 'No, I do not like this', and they do not go"
The same old tiresome, irksome blather from the anti pope. Like a broken record. How long oh Lord ?