The temple of the new one world religion where the anti Christ will reign.
"cannot have an external cross because this is illegal in the United Arab Emirates" Modern Muslim religious tolerance in one sentence.
Jan Joseph
Paus Franciscus is een Moslim en wil dat alle Rooms Katholieken het Moslim geloof aannemen. Paus Franciscus begrijpt zijn eigen grapjes niet.
Louis IX
Not Good, not True, not Beautiful, not Catholic.
Defeat Modernism
This is the Temple of Antichrist. Pope St. Pius X warned of the "One World Church of Apostasy" in his letter to the French Bishops which condemned Vatican II, Francis, JPII, Benedict XVI, etc. decades in advance. Now we see the satanic fruits of liberal 'catholicism.' You can read the document by St. Pius X at this link papalencyclicals.net/pius10/p10notre.htm
This "church" - if that's what you want to call it - reflects the modernist 'faith' from where it has it's origin. Abstract in design, devoid of any iconography or images of Our Lord or the holy saints, it makes "christianity" a mere set of concepts detached from historical reality. Ironic coming from a 'pope' who decries traditionalists of making our Faith into an ideology!
When it comes to the Traditional Latin Mass, Francis is not interested in either listening or journeying.
Malki Tzedek
As evidenced by this fiasco and the tragedy of the China agreement, Bergoglio has the diplomatic skills of Lloyd George.
If you consider his goal............the plans are not a fiasco and the selling-out of the Underground Catholic Church for $$$B was achieved with lots of diplomatic skill. B is on his way to being the head of One World Religion.......