Gesù è con noi
😡 This is the bergoglian who profaned the sacramental ritual of First Communion 😡
this is so sad 🥺
Blessed Immelda Lambertini died of love for Christ the day she received her first Communion. This is indeed a tragedy that our little children are not allowed to receive their first Communion in the context of a Mass and celebration with family and friends!blessed imelda lambertini images
Oh my Jesus, present in the Blessed Sacrament in all the Tabernacles of the World, pray for us!
old school
They gonna be in Hell first also
this priest is a priest of Lucifer and not priest of God.
Ireland seems to love their (disgraceful) "firsts". It almost becomes a motivation unto itself. 🤔
God Bless her.
Very painful to see this deception. We are made into believe that it is the same to receive the sacrament and to "watch sacrament". If really the same, why Christ must experience "real" suffering and death instead of "virtual" suffering and death?
Way to go Ultra! 😂 😂 😂 😂
So if I hold a collection envelope in front of my monitor does that count as an "offering"? ;-) Hope so, since it's the only one they're getting.
Novella Nurney
Or this might work.