Unity With the Oligarchs: Vatican Stabs U.S. Bishops in the Back

As could be expected, the Vatican who is at the service of the oligarchs, stabbed those U.S. Catholic bishops in the back who advocate for denying …
@Ultraviolet: your prediction is supported by the Vatican (not surprisingly)
You're beginning to see why I have a 100% accuracy rate as GTV's Self-Appointed Official Seer. . ;-)
@Ultraviolet: Yes, amazing...
Even if it's sarcasm (sometimes difficult to detect in print), you're still correct.
I wouldn't dare...
Hate to back Cd Ladaria, but he is completely right about the local Bishop’s authority. Only a couple of very specific things are named by Rome as being granted to the USCCB’s authority. Everything else is either reserved to Rome or under the local ordinary. Wish the bishops would act on this and essentially disband the USCCB along with all of its funding and “charities”.
John A Cassani
Agreed. We don’t want bishops conferences to have more power. I wonder whether Cardinal Ladaria would have intervened if the bishops were debating a general policy of toleration for sacrilegious communion. I don’t know the answer, but today’s Vatican gives me every indication that they back any policy that is in line with globalist objectives.
Biden is not Catholic