Liturgical Screwtape Letters Leaked to Gloria.tv

A July 28 letter of Westminster Cardinal Nichols to Archbishop Roche, the Prefect of the Liturgy Congregation, has been leaked to Gloria.tv (below).

It contains six questions regarding the application of Traditionis Custodes. Nichols asked:
- whether following-up documents on TC will be issued;
- whether TC abrogates the celebration of the other sacraments and the Roman Breviary;
- whether the Novus Ordo calendar must be imposed on the Roman Rite;
- what translations must be used for Roman Rite readings;
- who exactly constitutes a Roman Rite “group” (TC);
- whether TC allows for Roman Rite Requiems according to the 1971 Agatha-Christie indult.

Nichols mentions a canonical interpretation of TC presented by The Latin Mass Society whose raison d’être is the promotion of the Roman Rite (“obviously this is not in accord with the mind of the Holy Father”), and other similar groups (FSSP, Institute of Christ the King). Nichols asks how to deal with them.

Roche’s August 4 reply insists that the use of the Roman Rite is “by way of exceptional concession” and that TC wants a “return” to the [failed] Novus Ordo.

For him, TC allows “pastoral prudence” for “a very limited time only.” He alleges that Summorum Pontificum was “misinterpretated” which caused a “growth” that was “not sanctioned” by Benedict XVI.

Noteworthy is Roche’s anti-Vatican II statement that a greater autonomy of diocesan bishops in liturgical matters was “unhelpful,” thus, Francis disempowered them.

He writes that TC speaks only about the Roman Mass and asks Nichols to consider changes of the calendar “very carefully.” Translations used in the Roman Rite should be taken from the [often manipulated] translations used for the Novus Ordo, and “groups" are for Roche personal parishes and stable congregations.

He doesn’t know about an indult allowing for Requiem Masses and if it would exist, TC had abolished it. After so much legalism and rigidity, Roche states that “this is a moment which demands of pastors a delicacy of care and direction.”

He contradicts Benedict XVI by claiming that Paul VI “abrogated” the Roman Rite which is “at variance with Conciliar reform,” and encourages “an ecclesiology that is not part of the Church's Magisterium.” In other words: For Roche the Vatican II ideology as a new religion.

Roche indulges in clericalism by insisting that the canonical interpretation of TC presented by The Latin Mass Society – which is run by laypeople – “has no standing whatsoever and should not be published as an authorative commentary”- because “the bishops alone” [who were disempowered by Francis] oversee the liturgy.

A British insider commented to Gloria.tv that Cardinal Vincent has been feeding softball questions to Roche and is playing with him “the good cop bad cop routine seen on TV.”

Picture: Vincent Nichols © Mazur/catholicnews.org.uk, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsElwxlcxjak

The head of the CDW says that the traditional Latin Mass has been used 'to encourage an ecclesiology that is not part of the Church's magisterium' (Letter to Cardinal Vincent Nichols). Please, which proposition or propositions about the nature of the church are in question here?
De Profundis
To coerce a bishop beyond his discretion in the application of Traditionis Custodes essentially goes against Tradioinis Custodes.
Wilma Lopez shares this
The ambitious and unpleasant Arthur Roche is trying to force Cardinal Nichols to be brutal in his application of Traditionis Custodes
De Profundis
A little rigid of him.
That’s about the best example I’ve seen in a long time of a clericalist mindset
가입을 원합니다
" Liturgy Congregation Admits: Francis' Traditionis Custodes Too Harsh, Not Serving Unity"
was fake ?
Wilma Lopez
They speak with a twisted tongue. Tell one thing, do the other. It's commonly called lying.
Wilma Lopez
Interestingly, Archbishop Roche says in his letter to Cardinal Nichols that the traditional Mass “has been regulated and not supressed.” Next to that, he claims that growth of traditional groups was not intended and that they hold views that go against the Church's ecclesiology.
De Profundis
Cardinal Benelux, close advisor to Paul VI said that the suppression of the old Mass could be justified because “those who wish to retain the old Mass have a different ecclesiology.” Should we be faithful to the ecclesiology of 2000 years, or that of the 1960s?
Louis IX
That may be the easiest question I would ever have to answer. 😉
Jan Joseph
Kardinaal Roche zegt terecht dat de Vaticaan 2 liturgie een nieuwe ideologie is. Daardoor is het verbieden door paus Franciscus van de Tridentijnse Heilige Mis geen verbod, maar een schisma. Er zijn twee Rooms Katholieke geloven, het Tweede Vaticaanse Novus Ordon en het Universele Tridentijnse Rooms Katholieke Vetus Ordo geloof van voor het Tweede Vaticaanse Concilie.
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Nothing new just like Luther, they hate Catholic concept of Divine Victim, Priesthood, Holy Sacrifice, offered to God the Father in propitiation for our sins.
Wilma Lopez
One wonders where this zeal to enforce Papal legislation on bishops was when Ex Corde Ecclesiae and Redemptionis Sacramentum were promulgated?
Murrican Catholics just received another reason to thank The Almighty that we have 3,459 miles between us and the UK.
John A Cassani
It’s good to see that some dubia are actually answered. Of course, these days, one can never expect a good answer.