Bishops: Novus Ordo Is Something Different

Great Falls-Billings Bishop Jeffrey Fleming, Montana, who took office in August 2023, and his predecessor Michael Warfal, 74, who signed a 2022 statement against the German bishops, wrote a joint 28-page pastoral letter in May 2023 implying that the Novus Ordo is something different from what is claimed in the liturgical books.

Therefore, the letter insists that

• Novus Ordo Communion is to be collected standing up, and “kneelers are not to be placed in the aisle”.

• the Novus Ordo is to be presided over facing men, and not celebrated facing God.

• Latin is to be avoided even though Vatican II says the opposite.

Consequently, the letter never uses the term "Sacrifice of the Mass" and avoids the term "priest" speaking instead of "Eucharistic Liturgy" [which is only a limited aspect of the Mass] and of “presider”, thus emphasising that the Roman Rite and the Novus Ordo are two different things.

In the last seven years, only two priests have been ordained for Great Falls Diocese, where the Roman Rite is celebrated in four parishes.


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