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Quo Primum
The chapter is not complete. Here is the rest: Another no less remarkable example is that of St. Augustine, who, in his Confessions, tells us that … More

Motherhood in God

Love unselfish and well ordered. In 1994 the Swiss carried out a survey to determine whether a person’s religion carried through to the next generation, and if so, why, or if not, why not. They … More
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last will and testament

RIP Fr Daniel & Fr Carl. Tombstone of Julia O'Leary : The Celtic cross raise o're me, and the ivy round it twine. it will tell of the land that bore me and her ancient faith that was mine. and as … More
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Facebook et al

Truth brings grace. Be slow to speak, text, post, tweet.... More
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are we disobedient?

Two items discussed, to show why we must keep clear from local bishops. Even while we recognize their authority.…/confessions-of-……/2054-a-1978-rep… More
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Christ priest and victim

Ave Maria! Passion Sunday A.D. 2018 אהיה אשר אהיה "He entered once for all ... by virtue of His own blood, into the [Holy of] Holies, having obtained eternal redemption." Today is Passion Sunday, … More
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Goodbye to NZ Hello to Australia

Fr Andrew Cranshaw SSPX leaves as Prior in Wanganui, new appointment Tynong VIC Australia. Ad Multos Annos!
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St. Benedict medal

1st Sunday of Lent—TEMPTATION "Begone, Satan!" St. Matthew, 4:10. During the Civil War it was illegal to trade in cotton. Nevertheless, many greedy dealers tried to buy cotton in the South, run … More
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