Why suffering? Why death?

To conclude. (Newman); Observe the lesson which we gain for ourselves from the history of the Blessed Virgin; that the highest graces of the soul may be matured in private, and without those fierce … More
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to God... Sermon in Oxley, QLD Australia July 8 2018 ... The great political, anti-Christian, and irrational heresy of our country is that “the people” rule, “the people” make laws, “the people are … More
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Winona Ordinations 1990 SSPX

Ordinations at Winona 1990. Two priests: Fr Thomas Scott and Fr Todd Angele; Three deacons; Rev Ed MacDonald, Kevin Robinson and Carlos U. More
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First Mass 1991

Fr Kevin Robinson in Sydney. Part one of three More
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Help needed HAWAII

Praised be Jesus and Mary! God gives to me, God takes away, blessed be the name of God this day! This has been my constant prayer, ever since we lost our land, our house, and our home of 30 years to … More
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Tina 13
Sunamis 46

Real Presence

Corpus Christi hymn....…/index.html No. 55 O Jesus Christ, remember No 518 here;…/downloadable-mp… THE BLESSED SACRAMENT O Jesus Christ, remember Father Casw… More
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Quo Primum
Ireland's rejection of Divine and Natural Law, and historic civil and criminal law, respecting the sanctity and dignity of innocent human life in … More

Nice SSPX church in Phoenix

With a great school (K-12) and a Retreat center More
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Trinity Sunday 2018

Farewell to Las Vegas. The Name of Mary by Bernard of Clairvaux "And the virgin's name was Mary" (Lk 1:27). Let us also say a few words about this name, which means "star of the sea" and is most … More
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Quo Primum
Spectacular lightning strikes parts of UK JUST HOURS AFTER THE IRISH VOTE TO LEGALIZE MURDER OF THE UNBORN (another warning of the fire from … More
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Quo Primum
The chapter is not complete. Here is the rest: Another no less remarkable example is that of St. Augustine, who, in his Confessions, tells us that … More

Motherhood in God

Love unselfish and well ordered. In 1994 the Swiss carried out a survey to determine whether a person’s religion carried through to the next generation, and if so, why, or if not, why not. They … More
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