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Curious - FedEx Shipping 100's of 1000's of Body Bags and Kits?More
Curious - FedEx Shipping 100's of 1000's of Body Bags and Kits?
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It happened in 2019 in California and Utah. Stay educated, live in the world not of it.

North Dakota Bill Would Force Priests to Violate Confession Seal in Abuse Cases

If the bill passes, priests who would fail to report known or suspected child abuse, even if revealed in the confessional, would be considered …
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In the US legislatures all over are introducing bills to unseal the confessional. Be aware!

Priest accused of abetting alleged sex abuse ring is hired by diocesan charity

VATICAN CITY (RNS) — On a scorching day in August 2015, the mother of a teenage girl walked into the confessional of a small church near the Sicilian…
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New Scandal in the Vatican

The deputy director general of the Vatican Bank, Giulio Mattietti, was fired on November 27 and even escorted out of the Vatican. No reasons have been given for this harsh measure. Another employee …