Pro-Gay Cardinal Tobin Approves Pride Mass

Pro-Gay Newark Cardinal Joseph Tobin, USA, allowed the third-annual so-called “LGBT Pride Mass” to occur again at Our Lady of Grace parish in Hoboken, New Jersey, on June 28. The parish is run by …
Arthur McGowan
"Pride is one of the seven deadly sins." The mere fact that the word "pride" is used is NOT the problem with a "Pride Mass." There is legitimate pride--e.g., in a job well done. The problem with a "Pride Mass" is that what is being celebrated is sodomy.
Ivan Tomas
"what can he do about it?" - he asked?
He can go to Hell.
There is the only right place for such people and celebrating of their satanical events.
Nighty-night, baby
He is WOLF in lamb skin. Dolan and many others follow him.
Be Ye Separate
Terrible, this man is obviously not Catholic, he falsely occupies a Bishop's office.
Almighty God, Thy Kingdom come, Thy Holy Will be done, on this earth as it is in Heaven. Christ the King, forever.
Deacon Waugh
Calling him Pro-gay is not really acurate. He is gay. Lots of Pro-Gay Bishops that are not gay themselves. Suppossedly at least. Maybe they are just better at hiding it.
I call them all sodomites a Saint Paul states a pro gay is a sodomite same as a gay
Pervert sodomite. Told his italian homosexual lover living with him night night baby.
Hugh N. Cry
Tobin is a thick homosexual. Recall he had an Italian homosexual model living with him. Faithful in NJ, run him out of town on a rail, I’m sure it’d fit.
The cardinal approves the re-crucifying of Christ. What a dear price he will pay