Dr Bobus
God was present at His own crucifixion.
No, that is not enough. He commits blasphemy if he said as the headline indicates that God is present in such relationships based on the inclination to and committing of a mortal sin.
Son of a Kant. That statement inverts the objective-subjective relationship. The Catholic Church makes truth claims e.g., the creed. That is her nature. Overbeck, follows Kant, who followed Luther. Such statements should not surprise us. What should surprise us is that he is still a Bishop.
God does not condone sodomy, he has made this very clear in Scripture, neither does His Church. These fools want God to bend to man and his evil desires, not man to God's pure and good desires. Woe be to them!
He also says: "Homosexual Christians rightly see their lives in the Imitation of Christ, also in the relationships into which they entered with trustful love."
Christ to him; Get thee behind me, Satan.
Maria Pocs
“A century ago, anyone would have thought it absurd to talk about homosexual 'marriage'. Today those who oppose it are excommunicated from society” - Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus
Ratzinger’s Request: Simply call me ‘Father Benedict’ "At least part of the reason for wanting his new title to simply be “Father” rather than Pope Emeritus or Benedict XVI is to put more space between him and the role of the pope, so that there is no confusion as to who the “true Pope” is.
God is indeed present. Bishop is right. GOD is telling this bishop that it would be better for him to have a millstone attached to his neck and throw himself into the see instead of mislead others(I am paraphrasing Holy Scripture) and GOD is also present between these 2 homosexual people telling them to change their lifestyle and convert or they will have to go for eternal punishment in hell.
P. O'B
God cannot be present when a mortal sin is committed. QED
"God is much too ofended " Our Lady said in Fatima to the little sheppards
God is indeed present , which makes this perversion all the more sacrilegious .
Cuthbert Mayne
Yes !!!