De Profundis
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Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, "I am convinced that the ecclesial crisis in which we find ourselves today depends in great part upon the collapse of the liturgy."
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The young will be breaking down the parish doors to join This. Abysmal.
Facts Not Lies
I feel this is NOT a joke/parody.
I Truly wish it WERE
(maybe the strip pole is behind the presbytery)
Next time they should all be holding snakes like a protestant sect does.
Old hippies.
Facts Not Lies
Evidently you may not have met real hippies.
If these are hippies ... they are quite young as a friend (born 1930) was angry because too old to be a hippie.
But, yes, they seem to lack reverence as was attributed to hippies
Martina Bohumila Lutherová
Pobavilo 😂David taky tancoval před Hospodinem,
jdouce za Archou. ŽENY s bubínky taky. Nic nového.
Jen hudba.
Martina Bohumila Lutherová
Není to mistr Fuci?
Traditional latin mass = no.
Co to je??!!! To je hrůza!!!
Co to je? Přece římský spolek.
Die Bärin
Der "Pfarrer" ist sich dem Ernst seiner Lage nicht bewusst! Er könnte sich sonst nicht zum Hampelmann degradieren!
Martina Bohumila Lutherová
Kdepak dnes Gregoriánský chorál ,
toto je dnes biblické.
Schlimmer als im Zoo !
Peinlich, peinlicher am peinlichsten!