Pray for Ewtn, Freemasons have infiltrated it as well
EWTN could have been such a force for good, but sadly, it mixes orthodox Catholicism with novelties and dubious things . . . Christopher Ferrara wrote a whole book on the issue: "EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong". It can read free online here:-…/EWTN-A-Network-…
EWTN still thinks JPII consecration of Russia was done
I heard this interview earlier today and thought it was excellent...right up until the point where he contradicted the thinking of someone "stupid" by supposing the bishops in Italy didn't know about Pachamama. That notion is beyond naive. If we dance around the real problem we will also dance around a real solution.
LIterally three seconds on Google. "Pachamama was often a cruel goddess eager to collect her sacrifices."
Hey Pacwa. Knock if off. We are not stupid. We are not. Everyone knows the apostate Bergoglio is responsible. 🤮
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Francis Bergoglio and interreligious dialogue (english) /español/ /italiano/
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Un rituale pagano con Bergoglio in Vaticano /italiano/ /español/ (français) (english) (руский)
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Judas and the Amazon Synod (english) /italiano/ /español/
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Watch the video, Catholics in Peru connected worship of Pachamama to a devastating earthquake.
Where is the letter of the Italian bishops condemning it, Fr Pacwa? silence means consent.