Healed Homosexual: “Francis Sounds Like My Abuser”

When Francis said “God made you gay" to a homosexual, "he sounded like my abuser”, Joseph Sciambra wrote on a social network.

Sciambra is a former homosexual who was involved in promiscuity, pornography and drug abuse after priests encouraged him to “accept” homosexuality.

Recently, Francis spread the lie that practicing homosexuals are loved by God and the Church “as they are.”

“I heard almost the exact same words coming from my abuser's mouth,” Sciambra witnesses.

For him, “a coordinated program" exists within the Church "to groom future sex abuse victims.” This program is accomplished by Gay ministries which welcome and affirm mortal sin.


Pope Francis is neither, @Zimbo 2:19(BS) but you're a liar and a broken record, Jimbo. One that got categorically disproven point by point on every claim you made last nightA Refutation of Zechariah 4:14's "Why Pope Francis..." Including your endlessly repeated "antipope" garbage. pic related.
Once again, Francis confirms the sinner in their sin. Woe to him!
That's why Rome will fall.