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No Joke: Luther-Lover Walter Kasper Calls Cardinal Müller “New Luther”

The Bergoglio court theologian, Cardinal Walter Kasper, 85, a radical relativist, has attacked Cardinal Ludwig Müller’s Manifesto of the Faith.

Kasper's text was published by the heterodox German bishops' (February 10).

In his attack, Kasper resents that Cardinal Müller calls the doctrine of the Holy Trinity a "fundamental difference" that separates the Church from Jews and Muslims. For Kasper, this position puts "world peace" in danger. Therefore he calls it a "half-truth".

Neither is Müller's statement that "the priest continues on earth the work of redemption" acceptable for Kasper because - no joke - such a statement would hurt the feelings of abuse victims.

It goes without saying that Kasper contradicts the Catholic teaching, re-affirmed by Cardinal Müller, that remarried divorcees may not receive Holy Communion.

At the end Kasper plays the emotion card saying that he is "totally horrified" at Cardinal Müller's mentioning of the "deception of the Antichrist" (2 Thess 2:10). This innocent and true reference to Saint Paul reminds Kasper "almost literally of Martin Luther's argumentation." But why should quoting Saint Paul be "Lutheran"?

The Philo-Lutheran Kasper even suggests that Cardinal Müller is a "Luther redivivus", a "revived Luther" - as if proclaiming the Catholic Faith would be "Lutheran".

He accuses him of engaging in reforms "without and against" the pope. But this is not Müller, this is Kasper who in July 1993 publicly challenged Catholic doctrine and Pope John Paul II by allowing adulterers to receive Holy Communion.

It remains a mystery of iniquity why less than ten years later, John Paul II made this dangerous liberal a cardinal.

Picture: Walter Kasper, © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsUdgqkopwca
Lisi Sterndorfer
The fact that mere mentions by a Cardinal of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, as stated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, are considered an attack on the Pope says much more about the Pope than about the Cardinal.
Müller will be a little surprised of how many people have read his Manifesto of Faith, from all sides of the spectrum of Catholicism.
No reference to poo do I see,
Nor any allusions to pee.
Just Christ to obey
And Church shows the way
Oh Kasper! Why can't you see!
On Kasper.
Hahahahahahahahaha (breath) hahahahahahahaha.
Cardinal Müller joined Cardinal Eijk in reminding

of CCC 675
Indeed! Serious times! Thank you.
Cardinal Casper accusing Cardinal Mueller of acting like Martin Luther is like Henry VIII accusing Thomas More of treason.
In a thinly-veiled attack on the Holy Father, millions of Catholics recited the Nicene Creed at yesterday's Sunday Mass, it has emerged.
De Profundis
Pope Francis told us that Luther was right and he even got a Vatican stamp. When Kasper calls Cardinal Müller a "new Luther" he is praising him, right?
God’s heavy Hand of justice and his furious vengeance will terrify souls at judgment day!!!!
Pray for him, he stands condemned
De Profundis
This is for you, Cardinal Müller
Does that mean Frank will put up a statue of the Cardinal, and put him on a stamp?
I suspect hell is filling quick. St Michael defend us.
De Profundis
To paraphrase the great St Athanasius: They [German Bishops] do not want the Faith, they only want the buildings.
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If anyone's a Lutheran, it's Kasper... and not of the Missouri Synod variety, but of the ELCA.
alex j
Given Cdl. Kaspers age, one could assume the 'poor man' is suffering from a disease afflicting a growing number of our senior citizens. I note that he is called Bergoglio's "court theologian." Court Jester rolls of the tongue more easily but that might be construed as being to insensitive especially as he should have been retired some time pass.
If anyone's a Lutheran, it's Kasper... and not of the Missouri Synod variety, but of the ELCA.