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Great Satire by Most Rev. Rene Henry Gracida, Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Corpus Christi, Texas


Working Draft Mulierem Vocamus- We Call Women. 2019 Exhortation So many girls and young women plaintively and humbly recounted their call from the …
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Dr Stuart Reiss
@De Profundis clamavi ad te Domine
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Cardinal Ouellet Converts To Bergoglianism

The neoconservative Cardinal Ouellet, the prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, took a stand in favour of Amoris Laetitia. Writing in Osservatore Romano (November 22) he adulates Pope Francis …
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He is joining the Prime minister of a Canada a front runner on trangenderism ,and abortion ,Trudeau is a total anti- christian polititian
Here's ANOTHER ugly sister trying to shove his ridiculously anti-Catholic feet into the (Red) Glass slippers.

The Vatican Is Going To Accept Condemned Teilhard de Chardin

The Pontifical Council for Culture unanimously approved a petition to Pope Francis requesting him to waive the condemnation of Jesuit Father Teilhard de Chardin (+1955). The Council is headed by […
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James Martin and Fr. Weinandy highlight the crisis in the Church

November 20, 2017 (Doug Mainwaring | LifeSiteNews) – The last Saturday in September proved to be a day of sharp contrasts: I spent the morning in Washington, D.C.’s historic Holy Trinity Church, …
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Pro-life groups face increasing hostility on college campuses

Created Equal and Students for Life America have experienced aggressive, in-your-face attempts to silence free speech.
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And they , "the Liberals ",say they are the champions of tolerance ?
Harder than expected

Quiz: John Calvin Quote or Metal Lyrics?

By Jack Holloway The time of the Reformation was revolutionary in many ways. One of those ways was in rhetoric and writing style. Martin Luther …
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Nov 22 - Homily: Pray for Intimacy with God

Fr. Ignatius on the need to pray to God in order to grow closer to Him as God Himself wants. He uses today's saint, St. Cecilia, as an example of such unifying prayer. Ave Maria! Mass: St. Cecilia … Siwaju Si
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Benedict XVI in good spirits

Benedict XVI still in decent health & good spirits, says Fr. Davide Lees, who had a 45min lunch w/ Pope Emeritus on Monday
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Dr Stuart Reiss
I hear otherwise....i hear he’s on his last legs and incredibly feeble...

Bannon Discusses Growing Up in ‘a Very Observant Catholic Family’ in the South Where the KKK ‘…

In a freewheeling new interview with author Keith Koffler, Steve Bannon recounted his upbringing in a “very observant Catholic family” in the 1950s …
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No wonder the left Bannon. He is a real Catholic, unlike the pope, who the left loves.
According to slain journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, the former Fr Vanni Xuereb now lives with another person who has a son.

The Church in Malta's tacit approval of post Amoris Laetitia society

According to the Times of Malta of last Friday, former Maltese priest Vanni Xuereb stated that: "I had mixed feelings when A...
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Nigeria, The Church Grows Where She Is Not Modernist

The Diocese of Jos, Nigeria, alone has 437 seminarians studying for the priesthood, writes riposte-catholique.fr. The diocesan seminary Saint Augustine started in 1967 with three seminarians. Since …
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Dr Stuart Reiss
@CarolineA03 see below
I'm incredibly impressed with Pope Pius XII. He prophecised that the Missions he had so painstakingly set up in the Missionary lands would one day … Siwaju Si
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My Teen Pregnancy Story

“The second I became pregnant, I was no longer my own person. I became a protector of this little boy inside of me…. I am fighting for his rights, not abortion,” she said. (Video from 2015)
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wish her to meet a good midwife and not to have a hospital birth. Pregnancy is no illness at all. Be a mom God willing
A Labour MP becomes a Grandma at 37. .... being a teenage mother "actually saved me from where I could have...

Angela Rayner becomes a grandmother at 37

Labour MP Angela Rayner has become a grandmother at 37 years old.
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Scottish Govt: “We believe all women in Scotland should have access to clinically safe and legal abortion services within the legal limits, that abortion care should be part of healthcare provisions, and that it should be free from stigma.”

Scottish bishops ask government for ‘dialogue’ on abortion | CatholicHerald.co.uk

They made the appeal for talks just after ministers announced plans to allow women to take abortion pills at home
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Maybe the bishops should have said, "Pretty please" when they asked for dialogue with the abortionists. I'm sure that would do it. Timidity gets you nowhere

End Times: Nero as the anti-Christ

The Church Fathers say that Emperor Nero was a 'type' of the anti Christ. How evil was he? For more please go to www.veritascaritas.com & remember to say 3 Hail Marys for the priest
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Another Bishop: Amoris Laetitia Needs Clarification

There is no possibility to give Holy Communion to couples living in irregular situations according to Monsignor Ryszard Karpinski, the former auxiliary bishop of Lublin, Poland, reports lafedequotid…
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@De Profundis Vatican spokesman confiremed that an inter-religious meeting with pope Francis will be in Myanmar added to the schedule at the request of Cardinal Bo of Yangon
De Profundis
Off topic: "Let's say it's very interesting diplomatically" - Vatican spokesman Greg Burke reply to a question of Christopher Lamb about whether … Siwaju Si