Bishop Threatens to Punish Father Altman For Supporting Trump

La Crosse Bishop William Callahan, Wisconsin, criticised in a September 9 statement Father James Altman who has stated that Catholic cannot be Democrats. In an August 30 video, Altman praised Donald …
Like that
Craig J Wagner
What doesn't Fr. Altman understand? Bishop Adolph Callahan has spoken!!
Sounds like the bishop would correct much of what Christ said , too
Zechariah 4:06
The wounds on the church are her hypocritical, sodomite bishops and priests, their coverups, their supporting of Catholic politicians who support abortion, their cowing to China, their locking down of masses for the first time in history, and their fealty to Bergolio, a heretic and demon.

Altman told the truth. Nothing will change that.
The Catholic Diocese of La Crosse is denouncing the words of a La Crosse priest who claims Democrats are godless and imposters who will go to hell if they don’t repent.
NWO bishops have bee exposed, now one more. By the way Che Amazon has said there is no hell, why they have to repent?
Hugh N. Cry
Cojones envy
Totally wonderful,you got to love this Priest.
Thanks God for sending us a warrior, holy priest.