Rand Miller
You forgot- he especially cuddles Jews
De Profundis
He cuddles Communists, atheists, abortionists, apostates, and homosexuals. He hates and persecutes faithful, orthodox, conservative, traditionalist Catholics.
Well, more non Catholics than no Catholics. Francis likes money. The filthy gay life needs money.
la verdad prevalece
The apostate Blase Cupich continues to sell historic churches, desecrating them to be converted into public parking lots. 😡
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No they don't.@Defeat Modernism Moreover, you're not qualified to decide "heresy" in the Catholic sense of the word, either.
Defeat Modernism
The entire Vatican II documents and the New Mass contains contradictions and heresies. They need to be obliterated.
Does Francis want empty churches? Not if they're filled with protestants, et. al.
Wat een moedige bisschop. Is deze bisschop de toekomstige paus van de nieuwe Tridentijnse Rooms Katholieke kerk?