Parish-Priest, “I Don’t Say the Creed Because I Do Not Believe in It”

During midnight-mass on Christmas 2017, Father Fredo Olivero, parish-priest of San Rocca in Turin, Italy, dropped the Creed, the blog of Marco Tosatti reports.

Olivero commented on his decision with the words, “You know why I don’t say the Creed? Because I do not believe in it.” He added, “After many years I have understood that this is a thing which I did not understand and which I could not accept.”

It is self-evident that Olivero’s statements will not have any consequences for him.

Picture: © Jeffrey Bruno, CC BY-SA, #newsXaviuknkaj
Yes, Sunamis 46, every Parishioner in his Parish needs to leave and find a real Catholic Church. Let him spew his hate for Christ to NO ONE.
"See, I’m sending serpents against you, vipers that you can’t charm, and they will bite you, declares the Lord." Jeremiah 8,17
paul grech
Why is this atheist a parish priest?
Dr Stuart Reiss I have a friend here in Poland with a prayer list for a few hundred people... Many of them have cancer and he always advises to pray for doctors, especially before any surgery. With prayer intention for Holy Spirit to guide the hands of surgeons. From experience only the confident and radical doctor was able to correct and rehabilitate my limb injuries...
At least he's up front about it. How many in the hierarchy feel the same way? Of course the fact that "Father" Olivero continues to pretend to be a Catholic makes him a hypocrite of epic proportion. He's not alone in the clergy. And that he is not instantly removed is evidence item number 1,237,854 that what we are dealing with here is NOT the Catholic Church.
Is it a loud cry for help after 50+ years of modernism in action? May be it is ethically more right to drop it than to trick your believers by professing what the apostate who lost faith doesn't believe in. Alarm bell rings. Will any Hierarch have the courage to begin a radical procedure to surgically remove the modern brain tumor that is continuously invading the visible Church?
to ear this from an athiest that would not surprise me but from a priest ?? so sad
OK Fr. Olivero, if you don't 'believe in' the Creed, then all of your parishioners need to evacuate your Parish, and you should be left with NO ONE to spew your anti God hatred on!
Parish Priest; I don't say, Jesus because I don't believe in him, either.
Dr Bobus
Probably, the Credo is part of a long list of things Padre Fredo doesn't understand.

Abd nb: Fredo the uncommonly stupid, incompetent son in the Godfather
Ordo Militaris Radio
At least he was being truthful, but so sad to see so many clergy no longer believe or never did believe. Time to clean house, if it is possible.