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As a senior bench op put it, “The Pope is sending more signals [to the bishops] than a 3rd base coach at the World Series…” Accordingly, beyond the expressions, the desk-side chair usually denotes a “friendly” audience; a “formal” would use the seats across the desk.
Hugh N. Cry
Look how happy he is to see her. J&J not Johnson & Johnson but Judas & Jezebel.
chris griffin
"They poison human society, and they do more harm to those who practice them than to those who suffer from the injury." The Gospel of Life #3.
Father D. Joseph Waugh
Bergolio always has the big smile on for the worst people. Frowns come out when he's around the good.
Have you noticed in this world everywhere you turn everything seems against the Truth!
Marxist collaborators.
Facts Not Lies
I have used the ploy of needing to be closer to hear better as an excuse to break formalities and the desk barrier.

I imagine an 80 y/o woman politician would know of this ploy too.