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Is this all you can, Francis' "journalists"?


Attacking Viganò twisting on words.
Pathetic, do they not realize Arch Vigano is the one God has sent to bring down the homosexuals inside the church. These fake media sites are going … Mehr
Vatican Insider is just cheap yellow propaganda.

Das Wunder durchsichtigen Marmors


Giovanni Strazza ist ein bekannter Steinhauer.
Tina 13
Das ist wahre Kunst! In den modernen Kirchen hingegen findet man oft Sachen, wo man meint, Leute aus dem Irrenhaus waren am Werk.

Diocese Reports Miracle Statue Saved Animals During Massive Fire at Zoo


Diocese of Lafayette posted on May 29 on Facebook: · No animals were injured in a fire at Zoosiana over the weekend and some believe it’s because a saint was watching over them! Firefighters responde… Mehr
Sunamis 46
God loves his creatures

Lizzie Reezay received in the Church


She later tweeted, "ILoveBeingCatholic because our Priests, Bishops and the Pope are connected to a spiritual lineage of succession that traces all the way back to the 12 Apostles of Jesus!” YouTube… Mehr
She could have dressed more properly for a Mass - at least to cover her neck.
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Christian in the Holy Land: Dear Mr. President, your step will yield hatred and violence


In an open letter to U.S. President Trump, the thirteen Heads of Churches in the Holy Land ask the President to take their viewpoint into consideration. "Mr. President, we have been following, with … Mehr
Joseph a' Christian
These men speak of unity among Christians, who make up the Church of Almighty God, and anti-Christ jews and muhammadans, who make up the church of … Mehr