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St Anthony of Egypt

"O God, who brought the Abbot Saint Anthony to serve you by a wondrous way of life in the desert, grant, through his intercession, that, denying ourselves, we may always love you above all things. … More

High Altar of Ste Anne de Detroit

St Anne's church was the first building constructed in Fort Pontchartrain du Détroit, which later developed into the city of Detroit. They began construction of a church on 26 July 1701, the feast … More

Saint Remi

Saint Remi, whose feast is today (15th January) "was the son of an aristocratic family in Laon in Picardy. He studied at Rheims and soon became so noted for his learning and sanctity, and his high … More

Back to Green

Christmastide having ended with the feast of the Lord's Baptism, we return to 'Ordinary Time'. The liturgical colour is green signifying growth and vitality as, in this time of grace, we grow in the … More

Baptism of the Lord

"'When You, O Lord were baptized in the Jordan / The worship of the Trinity was made manifest / For the voice of the Father bore witness to You / And called You His beloved Son. / And the Spirit, in … More

His Est Filius Meus

"A feeling of expectancy had grown among the people, who were beginning to think that John might be the Christ, so John declared before them all, ‘I baptise you with water, but someone is coming, … More

Christ is Baptised in the Jordan

"The voice of the Lord cries over the waters, saying: Come all ye, receive the Spirit of wisdom, the Spirit of understanding, the Spirit of the fear of God, even Christ who is made manifest. Today … More

I Must Decrease

"John answered and said, "No one can receive anything except what has been given from heaven. You yourselves can testify that I said that I am not the Christ, but that I was sent before him. The one … More

Be Thou Made Clean

"Jesus was in one of the towns when a man appeared, covered with leprosy. Seeing Jesus he fell on his face and implored him. ‘Sir,’ he said ‘if you want to, you can cure me.’ Jesus stretched out his … More

The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me

"Jesus, with the power of the Spirit in him, returned to Galilee; and his reputation spread throughout the countryside. He taught in their synagogues and everyone praised him. He came to Nazara, … More

"Courage! It is I! Do Not Be Afraid!"

"After the five thousand had eaten and were filled, Jesus made his disciples get into the boat and go on ahead to Bethsaida, while he himself sent the crowd away. After saying goodbye to them he … More

Loaves and Fish

The Gospel for the Tuesday after Epiphany: "As Jesus stepped ashore he saw a large crowd; and he took pity on them because they were like sheep without a shepherd, and he set himself to teach them … More
should change emploiment
There are clergy that say this miracle didnt happened as its written in the scriptures.

St Raymond of Penyafort

"O God, who adorned the Priest Saint Raymond with the virtue of outstanding mercy and compassion for sinners and for captives, grant us, through his intercession, that, released from slavery to sin, … More

Epiphany Carving

"O God, who on this day revealed your Only Begotten Son to the nations by the guidance of a star, grant in your mercy, that we, who know you already by faith, may be brought to behold the beauty of … More

Epiphany Mural

"Today the Church has been joined to her heavenly bridegroom, since Christ has purified her of her sins in the river Jordan: the Magi hasten to the royal wedding and offer gifts: the wedding guests … More
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Epiphany Window

"For today you have revealed the mystery of our salvation in Christ as a light for the nations, and when he appeared in our mortal nature, you made us new by the glory of his immortal nature." – … More

Journey of the Magi

"Arise, shine out, Jerusalem, for your light has come, the glory of the Lord is rising on you, though night still covers the earth and darkness the peoples. Above you the Lord now rises and above … More

St Elizabeth Ann Seton

Statue and relic of St Elizabeth Ann Seton in the Basilica where she's buried in Emmitsburg, MD. Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr More

Holy Name of Jesus

"God, who founded the salvation of the human race on the Incarnation of your Word, give your peoples the mercy they implore, so that all may know there is no other name to be invoked but the Name of … More
What a gorgeous chasuble! It is breathtaking. The artistry is incredible and so fitting for Holy Mass. What vestments SHOULD look like!

St Basil the Great

"Our single object and ambition was virtue, and a life of hope in the blessings that are to come; we wanted to withdraw from this world before we departed from it. With this end in view we ordered … More