In Canada, we have no law restricting or limiting abortion. Abortion can be performed up to the moment before birth for any reason. Justin's father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, brought in Canada's first … More

Canadian Catholics and non-Catholic Christians have brought unto themselves persecution by the …

Canadian Catholics were warned. It was obvious in the lead-up to the last federal election that Justin Trudeau was not our friend. A Catholic …
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Lack of Enthusiasm

Lack of Enthusiasm: The Chilean newspaper “La Tercera” published an article about the lack of enthusiasm during Pope Francis’ trip to Chile, although this is allegedly a Catholic country. For … More
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Looks like they recycled the naked chap in the Vatican crib
The Kalergi-Plan implemented

NDE Near Death Experiences, Encounters with JESUS

Dr. Maurice Rawlings, MD, a heart surgeon, has written a number of books on the near-death experience and clearly shows from his own practice and the experiences of his patients, that not everyone … More
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Wow, that was amazing. Any more Robert?

The Radicals (eng subs)

The dramatic story of the Anabaptist movement and two of its first leaders, Michael and Margaretha Sattler, two real life figures 16th century figures whose conceptions of religion threatened not … More
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Attack on the Dominican Church in Kinshasa, DR Congo

The Dominican brothers working at St Dominic Church, Limete, Kinshasa, DR Congo were attacked together with their parishioners on Sunday, December 31, 2017. They were attacked by security forces of … More
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Joseph a' Christian
KRISTIANS UNITE Bear not the yoke with unbelievers. For what participation hath justice with injustice? Or what fellowship hath light with darkness? … More
Sunamis 46

Vladimir Putin’s ice bath ritual perplexes American journalists

Example of reinforced ignorance about Russian leader’s Christian faith shows how disconnected American press is from reality by SERAPHIM HANISCH January 20, 2018, 15:18 In Russia, President Vladi…
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Dr Stuart Reiss
I’ll happily listen to what Putin has to say but always turn off when I hear Pope Francis. I think the world is topsy turvy
@Uncle Joe : So how about the Communist wife of President Trump?

Santo Niño of Cebú

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The feast of the Holy Child Jesus of Cebu is a Filipino feast celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of January. The original image of the Santo Niño, was brought to Cebu by conquistador Ferdinand Magellan in … More
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Is the Pope Catholic? - By Christopher Manion

Over the years a popular riposte to questions with painfully obvious answers invoked the Holy Father, the Successor of Peter and the leader of the Catholic Church on earth. For centuries, the answer …
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Is Francis Catholic? If we judge using Catholic criteria, no. His view of the Church is not the view that the Church has historically had of herself.
Christopher would do better playing music than figuring out Catholic Senus Fidelium with a pen.
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Preacher Wears Dog Mask

Twitter-User Kevin Acker published on January 20 the picture of deacon Anthony DiIenno preaching with the mask of a dog on his head. Acker commented: “Only in Philadelphia is this not a weird scene …
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Was he a Domine....cani?
Dr Stuart Reiss
Well...he was wearing a dog collar.......
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There are many material heresies (not declared formal by Hierarchy) in Francis' (present highest legislator) teaching and writing. He is deeply … More
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adeste fideles
"Bp Barros was not the abuser " but... he has witnessed and did nothing while this was going on.
Jim Dorchak
This is not about the abuse! Bp Barros was not the abuser. Did he cover it up? Only he knows. Bp Barros did not divide the Osorno Diocese where I … More
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Dr Bobus
@Rafał_Ovile Your arguments are fallacious--accusations can be true or false. Considering the fact of a Polish pope with many, many contacts in … More
I recall Francis words that he was going to put in place a comission to investigate and deal with priest-abusers. That turned out to be hot air … More

Why Presidential Pro-Life 'Words' Matters

A number of Christian Never-Trumpers have argued that it makes no difference that President Donald Trump addressed the 2018 March for Life, because it's just a lot of "lip service". First of all, … More
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Joseph a' Christian
TRUMP IS ANTI-LIFE. The lesser of two evils is not good, of kourse Hillary is worse. Trump knows he kan't win re-elektion without the konservative … More
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Irish Exorcist Doubts that "Modern-Day Priests" Believe In Demons

In recent years the demand of people who look for exorcists to deal with demonic possession “has risen exponentially”, said renowned Irish exorcist Fr Pat Collins. The Irish Catholic writes on Januar…
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I think that modern day priests don't believe in many things that the Church teachers.
Again please show some evidence for your assertion. Are you a trained phycologist? If so did these priests go to you for an assessment? or are you … More
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How Bishop Athanasius Schneider Became a Leading Voice for Catholic Truth

Bishop Athanasius Schneider (Edward Pentin photo) Vatican | Jan. 17, 2018 How Bishop Athanasius Schneider Became a Leading Voice for Catholic Truth The auxiliary bishop from Kazakhstan learned his …
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Dr Stuart Reiss
His Excelency’s book IT IS THE LORD is a Must read for all Catholics.

The most important sacrament: The confession

The confession sacrament more important for living well that the Eucharist is the sacrament largest. As the penitent must prepare to celebrate this sacrament. What are the main mortal sins today … More
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Dr Bobus
The number of Confessions depends on availability. I have a priest friend who heard Confessions before and during Sunday mass. He was swamped with … More
I find it ironic that in the lives of many saints they used the confessional often. How many do we see waiting for confession before mass or on a … More
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Cardinal Merry del Val: Litany of Humility

Cardinal Merry del Val & The Litany of Humility
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This is great! I shared it via text message with my 2 adult sons...