Cardinal Raymond Burke Visits the Relic of the Head of St. Thomas More

The American Cardinal discusses the life and witness of the 16th century martyr after praying at the burial place of St. Thomas More's relic in St. Dunstan's church, Canterbury, Oct. 15, 2017.
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Pope Francis Attacks “Ideologues Of Christianity”

Those Christians who sell themselves to ideologies are "fools" according to Pope Francis' homily on Tuesday morning. Francis referred himself to Christ calling the Pharisees "fools" (Lk 11,40). He …
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Our Lady of Sorrows
The fool hath said in his heart: There is no God, They are corrupt, and are become abominable in their ways: there is none that doth good, no not one.
Pope spoke of foolish shepherds (and popes?)... "There are foolish Christians and even foolish shepherds...the folly of the shepherds hurts the flock.”
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Roberto 55
There is still hope for England. Wake up!
Fr Creighton-Jobe of the Brompton Oratory stated at this event that although numbers attending the Rosary Crusade are increasing (which is good), … More
Good for the Church, bad for the US, but unbearable for Chicago.

Chicago's Cardinal Cupich not expected to be moved to Rome

Rome — Cardinal Blase Cupich is not expected to leave the Archdiocese of Chicago for a new position at the Vatican, several sources close to the …
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He would do lesser damage in the Vatican finances than he does in Chicago.

English bishop: you cannot be Catholic and support abortion |

Bishop Michael Campbell said it was a ‘foundational issue’ for the faith and there is ‘no getting around it’
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Francis Justifies His [Failing] Communications Strategy

Pope Francis explains in his next interview-new book Adesso fate le vostre domande ("Now, ask your questions") talking to his mouthpiece, Father Antonio Spadaro, why he gives so many interviews, "…
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Maverick image aside, sometimes Pope’s more evolution than revolution

Maverick image aside, sometimes Pope’s more evolution than revolution John L. Allen Jr. October 17, 2017 EDITOR Pope Francis leaves at the end of a canonization mass in St. Peter's Square at the …
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Only in Ireland would you see this during a hurricane

HOLLYWOODBINE on Twitter: "Only in Ireland would you see this during a hurricane 😂😂😂 #Ophelia…/1"
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Roberto 55
The question is: Why was Ireland hit by hurricane?
Yep we are that crazy!

New Rite Ordinations Valid?

TheFatimaCenter on Oct 16, 2017 New Rite Ordinations Valid? More
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Faces Among Icons

Russian Orthodox believers discuss the state of their church 100 years after the Bolshevik Revolution.
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School Children in India Claim to See Blessed Virgin Mary

Children were praying in the Church and Mother May appeared to them, all the children of the St. Ambrose L.P. School could see her and they explained this Marian apparition to Elders, teachers and … More
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I would love to hear the translation of the message they received.
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Francis: Wrong Can Suddenly Become True

Pope Francis’ statement on death penalty contradicts what the Church taught from her beginnings until John Paul II according to P.J. Smith on On October 11, Pope Francis called deat…
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Lionel L. Andrades
The cardinal and bishops also contradict what was taught in the 16th century. There are two interpretations of Vatican Council II today and the magis… More
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Twitter bans pro-life speech

Lila Rose from "Live Action"
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Our Lady of Sorrows
Boycott companies that fund Planned Murderhood…/here-are-all-co…
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Pius XII: Yes to Death penalty, No to Divorce

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In 1949, Pius XII taught Catholic lawyers may impose death penalty, but not admit civil divorce for valid marriage
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Cardinal Müller Makes Fun of “Enthusiastic Devotees of the Pope”

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the publication of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Cardinal Gerhard Müller remembers that theologians suffering from an anti-Roman prejudice often …
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Lionel L. Andrades
There are two interpretations of Vatican Council II today and the magisterial one is a scandal : Catholic writers are not asking the Vatican the … More

Carlo Acutis

barb8171 Carlo Acutis inspired an exhibition of eucharistic miracles from around the world There is an unusual exhibition being held at St Joseph’s church in Thame, Oxfordshire, at the moment. … More
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3. Searching for light

"Searching for Light" — third video in series The third video in a series on Sole and Juanpi, an Argentinian couple who share the experience of their married life and young family. The six-video … More
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The Eucharist is God's Greatest Gift To Catholics

Italy Follows Poland’s Lead, Prays ‘Rosary on the Border’ ALL Catholics must pray the Rosary everyday as requested by Our Lady of Fatima 1917 Simply put, … More
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