THIS IS GENOCIDE: The Latest @OpenVAERS Data Has Been Published. It Hasn't Even Been One Year Yet. How Many 'Rare' Coincidences Must Happen Before We Shut This Down? - In the USA, in 1977, the …More
THIS IS GENOCIDE: The Latest @OpenVAERS Data Has Been Published. It Hasn't Even Been One Year Yet. How Many 'Rare' Coincidences Must Happen Before We Shut This Down? - In the USA, in 1977, the vaccination campaign against swine flu was suspended after the death of 25 inoculated patients. During the first ten months of this year, on the other hand, there have been 18,000 deaths in the USA, 28,000 cases of permanent disabilities and more than a million secondary effects. They are official VAERS statistics. And this, without forgetting that it is considered that only a small part of the side effects are registered (since many people do not make the relation of their health problems with the vaccine and also doctors are very reluctant to report them, due to the cumbersome process and for fear of eventual institutional reprisals). So, we have to, on the one hand, a campaign is suspended for 25 deaths, but NOTHING HAPPENS when the deceased are 18,000. And nobody talks about it in the media. ABSOLUTE SILENCE. And whoever does, is disqualified as "conspiracy" or "denier". This is the height of BAD FAITH, a dishonorable display of intellectual dishonesty and a flagrant violation of professional deontology. The fact that this is not talked about in the "official" media is very significant of the conflict of interest at stake, which has led to a censorship in the best Soviet style of any voice that dares to question the official narrative and denounce the criminal proceeding of health agencies and governments. All of them are but servile lackeys of the WHO and of the eugenicist "philanthropists" behind this unprecedented terrorist attack against humanity - Source: twitter.com/neversleever/status/1459643704805933062 - For more information: 1. Questioning the official account - 2. One year of Global Health Tyranny. - 3. Brutal Health Totalitarianism. - 4. Six months of Global Health Tyranny - 5. Pandemic and Simulation Games: Preparation for a New Era? - Paul Schreyer. - 6. The shocking truth about Covid19: Discover how superrich criminals hav… - 7. Proof that the pandemic was planned with a purpose. - 8. Gates health empire, Luciferase, and Patent WO-2020-060606 - 9. German Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich Sues The World Over Coronavirus. Patric… - 10. New Normal: Pandemic Police State. All of the politicians and medical … - 11. Freedom Alliance Ireland against Plandemic. Lockdowns Are Quietly Imp… - 12. COVIDLAND - EPISODE 1: THE LOCKDOWN - Covidland: The Lockdown is part … - 13. "MONOPOLY: WHO OWNS THE WORLD" - Stop World Control: stopworldcontrol.… - 14. "What they hide from us about covid vaccines" - Some say that if, afte… - 15. "THE VACCINE DEATH REPORT" - EVIDENCE OF MILLIONS OF DEATHS AND HUNDRE… - 16. PLANDEMIC 2 INDOCTORNATION - SPANISH SUBTITLES

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