Kadịnal Brandmüller: Ebumnuche ọha na okwukwe Katọlik bụ ihe abụọ dị iche

Eziokwu abughi ihe a na-enwetakarị n'ime ọha, ka Kadịnal Walter Brandmüller si kwuo n'ọgbakọ Ụka Katọlik, ebee ka ị na-aga? (April 7) na Rome. Brandmüller sịrị sensus fidei (aka ebe okwukwe n'aka …
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11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Father Odon's homily for the 11th Ordinary Sunday 2018 - The simplest recipe in the world
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St. Maria Goretti

St. Maria Goretti Feastday: July 6 Patron of youth, young women, purity, and victims of rape 1890 - 1902 Born in Corinaldo, Ancona, Italy, on October 16 1890; her farmworker father moved his family …
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Ndị Kadịnal ewepụtala Ngosipụta Okwukwe - zakwaa Dubia

Na ngwụcha ọgbakọ “Ụka Katọlik, kedụ ebe ị na-aga?” (April 7), nkwpụta ikpeazụ ka ewepụtara n'aha ndị so ná ya, nke ndị Kadịnal Brandmüller, Burke na Zen, nakwa Bishọp Athanasius Schneider so na ya. …
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The Ordo Militaris Catholicus Polo Shirt

Here is our first Polo Shirt, it is currently not on our Online Store, but has to be specially Ordered, so if you want a Polo Shirt like this, you will have to contact our Office Tomorrow: Ordo Mili… Òzó
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It’s rude to abuse the platform of Gloria TV to advertise what one”s peddling. Including XXXXL polo shirts.

Every Winged Creature Will Rest

"The Lord says this: ‘From the top of the cedar, from the highest branch I will take a shoot and plant it myself on a very high mountain. I will plant it on the high mountain of Israel. It will … Òzó
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Kadịnal Burke: “Ndị okwukwe ga-ajụ Pope oke njọ”

Onye pope na-anaghị akpa agwa n'usoro Divine Revelation, akwụkwọ nsọ na omenala “kwesịrị ka ndị okwukwe jụ ya” site n'olu Kadịnal Raymond Burke mgbe ọ na-agwa ọgbakọ Ụka Roman Katọlik, kedụ ebe ị …
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Iconography Retreat

Abingdon, Virginia, July 16 to July 20 2018. This 5 day workshop introduces the practice and theory of traditional icon painting/writing, offered as a meditation as well as a painting class. www.… Òzó
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Bolivian Newspaper Publishes Further Evidence Of New Cardinal’s Concubinage

Bolivian Cardinal elect Toribio Ticona Porco, 81, has sold Church property for a woman considered to be his concubine, the Bolivian newspaper Página siete reported on June 17. On May 28, Adelante …
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of course hes no time. the old man's off to buy nappies. for himself. on the grand scheme of things, lets be thankful that its concubinage with a … Òzó

Ego kpatara Francis ji gọlahụ Grand Master nke Order of Malta

Henry Sire, onye dere akwụkwọ na-aga ezigbo ahịa “The Dictator Pope” told “lhe kpatara” onye bụbu Grand Master nke the Order of Malta, Fra Matthew Festing, ji bụrụ onye ọ gọlahụrụ bụ Holy…
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Fr. Hesse explains why Vatican II is Not A Council of the Church

Canon Lawyer, Doctor of Thomistic Theology and former secretary to Cardinal Stickler, Fr. Gregory Hesse explains why the Second Vatican Council can not possibly be a Council of the Catholic Church. … Òzó
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Priests 'willing to go to jail' for not reporting child sex abuse

Catholic priests say they are not willing to break the seal of confession to report child sex abuse, and would rather go to jail than abide by the …
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The ABC is a left wing org and purveyor of fake news. No surprise Kristina Keneally is quoted, rabidly pro abortion etc. scholar of theology?? what … Òzó
Weak excuse for those moronic law makers in Australia, they just want to control the Catholic Church and so they use child sex abuse in order to get … Òzó

Francis na-agwa ndị okwukwe: Abụla ndị ọrụ okwukwe

Pope Francis zigara ozi onyoonyo nye nnukwu ọgbakọ ndị okwukwe Spanish na Madrid, Spain, na April 5-8. O nweghị ihe ọzọ o kwuru na-abụghị ka ha ghara ịrụ ọrụ okwukwe nke o ji mkpụrụ okwu megidere …
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In a message sent to the entire archdiocese of Valencia, the cardinal referred to a private meeting he had with Pope Francis, who reportedly said: “You’ve moved me, your behavior [has moved me]. I … Òzó

Spanish cardinal acting to save African migrants, cites Pope Francis

After Italy and Malta refused to allow a boat of 629 migrants to dock, Cardinal Antonio Cañizares of Valencia, Spain, announced that he's ready to …
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Colluding with human smugglers to "save" economic migrant moslems that are practically all young men that the globalists are using to destroy and … Òzó
"It is shocking to think that there is no free access to Heaven, and that people who illegally try to enter - perhaps when St Peter's attention is distracted by a discussion of fishing techniques - … Òzó

Cardinal condemns God for separating families

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, has slammed God for building a wall round Heaven and separating …
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The cardinal places himself above God. Satan never dared to do such a thing, he just wanted to be God's equal.

Onye mmụta Old Testament "Katọlik" ahapụla okwukwe

Othmar Keel, 80, bụ onye a ma ama n'ụwa niile ka onye mmụta Old Testament nke nwetara oke ego site n'Uka Katọlik. Onye nkịtị lụrụ nwanyị, ọ kuziri site na 1967 to 2002 na Mahadum amabu ama nke Fribou…
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"If I don't have interior silence, I can be as busy in my mind as if I were in New York."

Father Lazarus teaches an American pilgrim about silence and the Jesus Prayer
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Fr Lazarus likes to talk .
Amen... and I may be going to New York this week, so I'd better double my efforts now!

Francis na ebuli mgbagwoju anya, "n'uzo pụrụ iche" – Kadịnal Burke

Kadịnal Raymond Burke, 69, ekwuola na Pope Francis abụghị sọọsọ na o kweghi akọwa nsogbu dị na alụ m di na nwunye, sacraments na oke njọ “ma na ọ na ebuli mgbagwoju anya”. Mgbe ọ na-agwa lanuovab…
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Italy Without Children – Will Francis Wake Up?

While Pope Francis is promoting divorce, contraception and gay propaganda, Italy has become the country with the second lowest birthrate in the world after Japan. Last year the country scored …
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We can thank Jorge's great friend, Emma Bonino, serial invitee to anything Italian bishops have going, a woman who boasted of carrying out 10,000 … Òzó