A 50th Anniversary Plea from Michael J. Matt

The Remnant newspaper was founded by Walter L. Matt in 1967. As our 50th anniversary years draws to a close, Michael J. Matt is making a major push over at The Remnant website to encourage our … More
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'OUR FATHER' WRONG? (Pro-Life Leaders Resist Pope Francis)

Was it really necessary for the Vatican's Christmas Nativity scene to include a statue of a naked man? Pope Francis's call to correct the Lord's Prayer dominates international headlines and is met … More
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Remnant newspaper less than Misión Digital [" self centered"] Hope your end is not to exceed the "greatness" of RLR (radical left republic)...
Misión Digital
Excuse me, not all Americans, only those who pretend to speak on behalf the Universal Church from a rather ignorant perspective.


Michael J. Matt discusses sexual harassment in politics and entertainment, and asks the question: Where is the media's newfound moral indignation coming from? What did they expect after 50 years of … More
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SUNDAY SERMONS: An Advent Meditation

Father traces the history of Advent observance and tradition, with a special emphasis on the Second Coming of Christ. Plus, Father speaks of a Traditional Catholic Marine who died last week at the … More
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Conci-LIAR-ism! What unites us is greater than what divides us (CIC talk by Chris Ferrara)

Christopher Ferrara delivered a brilliant talk at this year's Catholic Identity Conference in Pittsburgh on loss of common sense and logic in the Church of Vatican II. He asked some questions, such … More
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APOCALYPSE NOW: The Romans Are Coming Again

Sunday Sermons of South Saint Paul. Father takes a look back to the apostasy of the Jewish leadership at the time of Christ which quickly led to the apocalypse of the total destruction of the temple … More
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MERRY CHRISTMAS! Trump Praises: "Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ"

During the annual lighting of the White House Christmas tree this year, President Donald Trump made good on his promise to bring "Merry Christmas" back to America. He then doubled down by referring … More
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THE REMNANT TURNS 50: Catholic Poland & No Enemies on the Right

From down in the catacombs, Michael Matt addresses recent friendly-fire attacks against The Remnant, arguing that social media is driving us all a little crazy. Plus: - Tens of thousands pray the … More
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Say Goodbye to Hollywood, the Beatles & Bugnini

In the wake of the movie mogul Harvey Weinstein sex scandal, Hollywood's dark and nasty underbelly is finally beginning to show. From down in the catacombs Michael Matt talks pop culture, pointing … More
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I think the post -vatican II Catholics of today simply have lost the ability to recognize evil when we see it ,even more i think some clergy ,dont believe in hell or satan exists

TRADITION REMEMBERED: Pre-Summorum Catacomb Chapels

Here's a bit of "ancient" video we happened upon recently in preparation for last month's Catholic Identity Conference, where Michael J. Matt was to deliver a talk on the history of the Traditional … More
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Bishop Schneider Interviewed by Michael Matt

Before the recent Catholic Identity Conference, Michael Matt sat down with Bishop Athanasius Schneider and asked him about the Traditional Latin Mass, Amoris Laetitia, Cardinal Burke and the Dubia, … More
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Angie W.
Bergoglio is not a valid pope, he is a usurper who defies God and he does not confirm in the Catholic faith, neither seeks the repentance of the … More
Angie W.
The Magisterium of the Church teaches that the election of a heretic as pope is invalid and null. A COFFEE WITH GALAT- BERGOGLIO´S HERETICAL … More

LUTHER'S POPE: Vatican Stamp of Approval of Protestant Revolt?

Down in the catacombs, Michael Matt looks at the startling ramifications of the official Vatican stamp commemorating the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Revolt. The stamp includes the same … More
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ANATHEMA! Catholic Surrender to Protestant Revolt

In this week’s Sunday Sermon of South St. Paul, Father takes the gloves off when it comes to the Pope's commemoration of the Protestant Revolt. How can this be? How can Catholics celebrate the … More
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Yet, Michael Matt continues to call the one who led this celebration of destruction, holy father. This priest also failed to name Bergoglio. Jesus Is the Truth.
Those that were protestant and came back to the catholic church ,they say "they are happy to finally came home " to everything that church offers ,… More

EDWARD PENTIN: Catholic Identity Conference 2017

The premier English-language Vatican journalist, Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register, offers a journalist’s objective evaluation of a climate of fear in Rome, the Synod on the Family, … More
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Michael Matt Kicks Off Catholic Identity Conference

At the introduction of the Catholic Identity Conference 2017, emcee Michael J. Matt speaks of the present crisis in the Church as one without precedent. He explains why is it worse than the Arian … More
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This video conference was given at the Catholic Identity Conference, October 29. Watch all conference videos at
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The CIC 2017 is sold out, but as Michael Matt points out, the CIC will be accessible to you as a virtual conference online, available through ONLY.
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KILLING STATUES: Christophobic Mobocracy in America

Michael discusses mobocracy and what's really behind the 'war on statues' raging in the streets of America. First it was Robert E. Lee, then it was Christopher Columbus and now it statues of saints, … More
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Mike & Chris in Black & White

Michael Matt welcomes Chris Ferrara down into the Remnant catacomb. The two men have an unscripted conversation about the latest scandal out of the Francis pontificate, the filial correction, what … More
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A RTV SHORT. The Left is going into apoplexy over President Trump's decision to roll back the Obamacare mandate, forcing American businesses to offer free contraception even when it violates the … More
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