Related video: THE MAUI FIRES - With Spanish Subtitles - The offi… - Regardless of whether the brutal and selective fire was caused as everything indicates by Directed Energy Weapons, we know for sure: ❶ One of the main culprits is the Hawaiian Electric company, which of course Black Rock and Vanguard are ( its main shareholders. 4 years ago it was aware (Hawaiian Electric Knew of Wildfire Threat, but Waited Years to Act) that the poor condition of its facilities could cause fires, but the change of direction (Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc. - Home) of the company towards energy renewables made them not invest in their repair. The company did not shut off the electricity, worsening the fire. ❷ Maui's alarm system is among the most advanced in the world, and residents are used to monthly testing. But it was not activated at any time (…emergency-warning-system-maui-wildfires/index.html…) in the fire. The chief in charge claims 🎦 01:32 that he didn't do it in case people ran into the fire. He made that decision without being there, because he was at a FEMA disaster seminar 🎦 00:42. ❸ The water was closed (NO + SECRETOS). The deputy director of water resources (appointed by Obama), refused to release water (NO + SECRETOS). ❹ Without warnings and without water, people tried to flee but were detained by the police in the area (NO + SECRETOS), who did allow people (NO + SECRETOS) to continue entering the city. ❺ Affected survivors are being held in the area as they are not allowed to leave 🎦 03:18. ❻ According to the Governor of Hawaii, the government is planning to acquire the parcels (How Convenient: Hawaii Governor Reveals State Plans "to Acquire Land" Ravaged by Wildfires (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hᴏft).

Source: CONCLUSIONES de la masacre de Mahui.

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One plausible thing I've not heard or seen mentioned is this being a warning from Russia of the fruitlessness of continuing to support the Ukrainian government.
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Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
By Directed Energy Weapons, I hope you mean some nutjob arsonists/terrorists who should be searched for and arrested...likewise if it an organization, or climate change fanatics who started the fires and then tried to say it's climate change.
But I hope no one takes seriously the 1-2 posts I've read of people claiming it was probably "aliens".
I'm open to believing in the existence of aliens.....…More
By Directed Energy Weapons, I hope you mean some nutjob arsonists/terrorists who should be searched for and arrested...likewise if it an organization, or climate change fanatics who started the fires and then tried to say it's climate change.
But I hope no one takes seriously the 1-2 posts I've read of people claiming it was probably "aliens".
I'm open to believing in the existence of aliens.....but not "little green men", or aliens with huge eyes and small noses and mouths and no clothes. I've seen depictions of those....or really monstrous beings. One priest once said a few years ago that if there are aliens, they are probably very much like us....because according to the Bible we are "made in the image and likeness of God"...which sort of gives away what God looks like. So if we are made in the image and likeness of God, so would all other humanoid aliens, because he created them as well.
I saw a program yesterday of a woman who supposedly saw an alien man walk from his craft, and she said that except for being taller, and more muscular than people today, face wise, he would fit into any crowd. The reporter asked her what ethnic group he most resemble, and she said, "Egyptians" and that he had a collar of tattoo symbols encircling his neck and upper arms that rotated and glowed. The reporter asked if he looked hostile, and she said "no".
I'd rather see aliens like that, than little green men or monsters.😱
Super Omnia Veritas
I don't believe in "aliens". I think this is a diabolical narrative in order to deceive the world in the times of the coming Antichrist. In fact, the "aliens" are demons, and they do the "abductions" and the "UFO's appearances" by their preternatural power...