THE COVID BLOG DIGEST - Hospital settles vaccine mandate case, one-year-old baby’s arm amputated, and 8 more sudden deaths, including one who “died of joy”.

Novavax has now been authorized for emergency use in the United States for a little over two weeks. Of course this is the injection that mainstream media promoted as the choice for “anti-vaxxers” who are against mRNA and viral vector DNA shots. We’ve chronicled some Novavax adverse reactions. But most of them have been relatively mild, until now.

A Canadian Twitter user, who was one of those people waiting for a safer vaccine option, has developed full-blown Shawn Skelton Syndrome that began two days after her second Novavax injection.

Nearly every tweet on said user’s account since July 9 bashes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for forcing her to receive the injections. But she held out that long, until June 2022, despite all the pressure and coercion in Canada for the last 18 months, to receive injections. Now she’s dealing with the consequences she already knew were coming.

There’s at least some good news in today’s Monday Digest. But if seeing maimed, permanently disabled babies due to mRNA injections harms your heart, you may want to stop reading now.
Illinois hospital system settles vaccine mandate class action lawsuit for $10.3 million

As the courts continue siding with the Constitution, hospitals are proactively paying millions of dollars to avoid potential 9-figure verdicts from juries. And COVID Legal USA continues encouraging those who have been fired or face termination due to vaccine mandates to take action.

Northshore University HealthSystem is based in Evanston, Illinois. It encompasses six Chicago-area hospitals and employs more than 10,000 workers. The company issued an mRNA and/or viral vector DNA “vaccine” mandate on July 1, 2021. More than 500 employees objected on religious grounds. But like many large employers, Northshore issued religious exemption forms to said employees that were all denied and were going to be denied no matter what.

Many employers and mainstream media continue denying that the big three lethal injections were derived from aborted fetal cells. But when faced with Federal Rules of Evidence versus mainstream media rules of evidence, there’s no denying the facts.
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The Florida-based Liberty Counsel filed a class action lawsuit in October on behalf of 500-plus Northshore employees who were fired, forced to quit, or caved and received the shots to save their jobs. All of them filed religious exemption requests, but were denied despite reasonable accommodations being available. Further, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in January that so-called COVID-19 is not an occupational hazard since it is transmitted everywhere people gather. The complaint was amended at least three times as federal court decisions continued defining the legal landscape related to the injections and religious exemptions in 2022.

Northshore, without admitting wrongdoing, decided to settle the claims on July 28. The company released a statement saying it still believes in “evidence-based vaccine requirements,” while semi-admitting their previous religious exemption process was a predetermined farce.

“The settlement reflects implementation of a new system-wide vaccine policy which will include accommodation for team members with approved exemptions, including former employees who are rehired.”

The 13 original Plaintiffs will receive around $45,000 each, with the option of reinstatement to their jobs. All others who were fired or forced to quit will receive $25,000 each, with the option of reinstatement. Employees who caved and received the shots to keep their jobs will receive about $3,000 each. Read the full settlement here.

Education, income determine vaccination status

Another day, another “educated” parent allowing someone to inject their babies with deadly gene therapies.

But this is now expected. The most recent Kaiser Family Foundation Vaccine Monitor data (July 26, 2022) found that 43% of American parents will “definitely not” get their babies under age 5 injected with mRNA or viral vector DNA gene therapies. But a closer look at the data shows trends we’ve already been seeing just in our reporting.

Self-identified Republicans are three times as likely to be in the “definitely not” camp versus Democrats (64% to 21%). About 15% of Democrat parents have already gotten their under 5 babies at least one injection versus 3% of Republicans. College graduates are 67% triple-vaxxed versus only 40% of adults without college degrees. Income also plays a role, with 62% of households making over $90,000 being triple-vaxxed versus only 39% of households under $40,000.

American Latino adults are 77% fully vaccinated (meaning at least two injections), followed by White Americans (73%) and Black Americans (68%).

Zack Reilly: one-year-old British baby suffers in utero stroke, blood clots, has arm amputated at 10 days old


We’ve been talking about a new “mRNA spectrum” of disorders, like the autism spectrum, that babies born to vaxxed moms and/or dads will likely suffer. Now we have a very public, and very gut-wrenching case study.

Owen Reilly is a telecoms engineer for the British Navy. Libby Francis is an assistant career advisor in the Navy. The East Yorkshire couple met in 2016 and have been together ever since. The Sunday Times reported in January that 95% of British military personnel have received at least one mRNA or viral vector DNA injection. The Navy is dismissing personnel that is not fully vaccinated and limiting their deployments while awaiting dismissal.

Libby, 29, experienced severe stomach cramps on July 10, 2021 while pregnant with Zack. It got so bad that an emergency C-section was performed the next day at 37 weeks pregnant. Zach was born at a little under 7 pounds, which is normal. But his left arm was blue, black and blistered due to several blood clots.


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Doctors amputated the arm 10 days after Zach was born, according to the Hull Daily Mail. They also discovered that Zack had a stroke in utero that caused brain damage. Doctors don’t know if Zack will ever walk or talk. As of today, he’s unable to even crawl.

The next five months after the amputation were fairly normal, considering the circumstances. But Zack suffered 20 seizures in five days around Christmas. He was diagnosed with a rare epilepsy called infantile spasms. Said disorder is listed on Pfizer’s April 30, 2021 Post-Authorization Adverse Effect Event Report. Thus Pfizer has known this could happen to unborn babies since at least that time. Mr. Reilly referred to Zach as “a happy baby.”

A JustGiving fundraiser is raising funds to benefit The Sick Children’s Trust, which paid a lot of Zack’s medical bills during his first year of life.

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Unfortunately this mRNA spectrum is only going to accelerate and get worse. A casket manufacturer was forced to lock his Twitter account after tweeting about fulfilling bulk orders of child-sized caskets for the first time in his 30-year career.

Various distractions are employed by mainstream media to attempt hiding this genocide in plain sight. But ultimately there’s no way to hide this. Thus another common propaganda tactic utilized by mainstream media is the posthumous “they died of suicide” or “they died of cancer” excuses – as if those make things better. There’s now more than enough evidence showing that the mRNA injections alter psychological perception and cause suicidal thoughts.

Around four U.S. college athletes committed suicide every year prior to 2022. That number was already eclipsed by April this year, and will shatter all previous records by the end of the year. Suicide has always been common among active duty U.S. military and veterans. But nearly 70% of said suicides were veterans ages 50 and up prior to 2021. There’s a major uptick in young, under-30 military suicides since that time.

It’s safe to surmise that many young athletes and military personnel who commit suicide know/feel that their bodies are maimed from the shots and would rather checkout, if you will. They also know that it’s completely taboo among “normies” to talk about vaccine injuries at all, which further exacerbates suicidal thoughts due to feeling helpless and alone. In fact now is a good time to update the story of 8-year-old Ryleigh Jones.

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Little Ryleigh received one mRNA injection on January 6. She endured 11 hospital visits in the next 12 weeks, after being diagnosed with functional neurological disorder. Doctors have mocked the family for even suggesting that all of Ryleigh’s problems were caused by the Pfizer injection. Ryleigh can no longer walk or talk normally. Ms. Jennifer Jones, Ryleigh’s mother, said two weeks ago that her daughter constantly hallucinates, believing bugs are crawling on her all the time. The little girl also now talks (writes) about suicide constantly.

The cancer excuse is what they used for two of the four Canadian doctors that died in a six-day stretch last month. But that story quickly changed over the weekend. It’s now six Canadian doctors who have died in the last two weeks. The posthumous suicide excuses are usually reserved for high-profile athletes (see Red Óg Murphy) and celebrities (see Jak Knight), whose families likely get some sort of benefit for helping deflect to #ABV.

Regardless, the genocide continues. Forget sleeping and soccer as the most dangerous activities for vaxxed people. Swimming and any contact with water, including showering, appears to also exacerbate the post-injection death process.
Hannah Labove: 23-year-old Connecticut woman dies suddenly while hugging her brother

Ms. Hannah Marie Labove graduated from Quinnipiac University in 2020, right as the so-called pandemic was commencing. The Groton resident worked for General Dynamics Electric Boat, the largest employer in Connecticut and Rhode Island. It is also the largest submarine builder in the United States, according to The Connecticut Business & Industry Association.

Ms. Labove was having lunch with her mom, dad and brother on Saturday, July 2. As the family was walking back to their cars, to go their separate ways, Ms. Labove went to hug her brother. But she “basically fell into him” and had a seizure, according to Mr. Brandon Labove, Hannah’s father. She was rushed to Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts. Doctors found several blood clots in her lungs. Ms. Labove died on July 3.

A GoFundMe page is collecting funds in her memory. General Dynamics Electric Boat has a vaccine coercion policy.
Lily Ernst: 21-year-old University of Northern Iowa swimmer dies suddenly and unexpectedly

Ms. Lily Anne Ernst was a 4.0 GPA student and swimmer for the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) in Cedar Falls. She set a school record in the 200 meter Butterfly event in February 2021.

Details are scant. But UNI Athletic Director David Harris announced the “sudden passing” of Ms. Ernst on July 27. Her obituary says she “passed away unexpectedly.” There is no vaccine mandate at the school.

Two California best friends, Annette Patino (aneurysm) and Erin Matias (“medical emergency”), die suddenly three weeks apart

Ms. Annette Patino, of Pico Rivera, was a nurse for over 15 years. Ms. Erin Matias, of Brea, was an acute rehabilitation unit clerk at PIH Health. She was also a former Disneyland employee. The two were close friends not only because of their bond as healthcare workers, but also their love of everything Disney.

Ms. Patino, 49, suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and died on July 8. Ms. Matias, 36, suffered a “medical emergency” that left her in a coma on July 17. She passed away on July 28. Ms. Sherry O’Hara Matias, Erin’s mother, said “it happened so fast and I still don’t even know the reason.”

The two families mourned together on Facebook. Note Ms. Pat Yepiz-Patino and Ms. Monique Antionette Patino are Annette’s mother and sister, respectively.

It’s safe to assume that both were triple-vaxxed since California mandates it for healthcare workers.

Dr. Vicky Conway: 42-year-old triple-vaxxed Irish law professor dies “suddenly and unexpectedly”

Dr. Vicky Conway was an associate professor of law at Dublin City University since 2015. Prior to that, she worked at the University of Kent, University of Limerick and the University of Leeds. Dr. Conway hosted a podcast called Policed in Ireland. She was also a member of the Irish Policing Authority, and was a member of the Lawyers for Choice group that helped repeal Ireland’s Eighth Amendment, which legalized abortions in 2019.

Dr. Conway received her first two Moderna mRNA injections in June and July, 2021.

She received a booster injection on December 8.

Dr. Conway died “suddenly and unexpectedly” on July 19.
Melanie Masters: 66-year-old New York “avid swimmer” dies instantly after jumping into Lake George

Ms. Melanie Masters loved horseback riding, gardening and swimming. She recently retired from her real estate career and was enjoying life with friends and family, including her 2-year-old grandson, according to the Times Union.

Ms. Masters was at Huddle Beach, Lake George – about 60 miles north of Albany – on July 22. She jumped into the water, as she’s routinely done for years during the summer months. But Ms. Masters apparently died instantly as soon as she touched the water. An autopsy three days later determined that she died from “multisymptomatic organ failure” along with cardiac arrythmia and heart disease.

Ms. Cira Masters Carson, Melanie’s daughter, described her mother as a “veritable mermaid” who loved everything about being in the water. She said there’s no way her mother simply drowned.
Shonka Dukureh: 44-year-old Tennessee musician and actress dies in her sleep

Ms. Shonka Dukureh had degrees in theater and education, according to The Guardian. She was also in a band, worked as a second grade teacher, and as a mentor in after-school programs in Nashville.

Ms. Dukureh got her big break in Hollywood when she was cast as Willie Mae “Big Mama” Thornton in the biopic film “Elvis.” The Warner Bros. film, also starring Austin Butler (as Elvis) and Tom Hanks (Elvis’s manager) was released on June 24. The film is one of only two acting credits on Ms. Dukureh IMDB page.

The 44-year-old mother of two was found dead in her bedroom by one of her kids on Thursday morning, July 21. Nashville Police suspect no foul play, according to reports. WarnerMedia, which owns Warner Bros. Entertainment, has had a vaccine mandate in place for all employees since August 2021.

Mubarak Hussein Sayed Abdel-Jalil: 22-year-old Egyptian college student “died of joy” after passing final exams (Young man died of joy and vaccines are of course not the cause)

This family should be ashamed of themselves if they truly co-signed this utterly-ridiculous story. Mr. Mubarak Hussein Sayed Abdel-Jalil just completed his final year of geology studies at Faculty of Science of South Valley University in Qena, Egypt. He received his final grades in the mail and opened the envelope, according to Dekh News. Mr. Abdel-Jalil suffered a sudden heart attack and died hours later.

The Daily Mirror reported that the family said Mr. Abdel-Jalil “died of joy” after seeing he passed all his classes. All Egyptian college students are required to be fully vaccinated to attend classes.

Source: Monday Digest: hospital settles vaccine mandate case, one-year-old baby's arm amputated, and 8 more sudden deaths, including one who "died of joy" - The COVID Blog

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